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    Welcome to my website.
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    You can find something beautiful everyday
    Nature is so powerful and inspiring.
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    Video or Photography
    I want to capture the feeling of the moment, instead of just what looks good.
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    NEW Years 2015
    Taylor Swift from a unexpected angle in Times Square.


Design and things I like


Random GoPro images


I went to school with the original founder


Keep up with mostly Facebook type posts


Twitter post are mostly my Pinterest Posts


I love the magazine type layout of this site.


We all know LinkedIn is for employers


I was on Facebook way before it was cool


Web related news

One of my most treasured achievements is my house

A fire in 2010 turned my newly remodeled house into a brand new headache.
I worked non-stop for what seemed like eternity to built it, but it is a custom house that I am very proud of.

My Vision

I never stop learning and thrive on adapting to the situation.
Nothing in life has been easy, so i take it in stride while creating new things and making old things better.


Lots of SAABs, so many SAABs.


From human power to twin boxer power, I love bikes.


Some of the finer details I put into my house.

Every Person you meet comes into your life for a reason. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure it out, but nobody is there by chance.

--Paul Campagna

Contact Me

If you have any questions
Please do not hesistate to contact me.

Email is the best.